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Business Litigation

Ukiah Business Litigation Attorneys

Business disputes can hinder your company’s ability to conduct business as usual, and can result in costly court fees, wasted time, and a tarnished status in the community. Whether you want to avoid business disputes or need legal representation on how to manage them, our experienced business litigation attorneys at The Brigham Law Office have the legal acumen your case demands.

Business Litigation Practice Areas

  • Contract disputes. A breach of contract is a serious affair; if you have been named in a contract dispute, or if you believe that another party to a contract has failed to uphold their contractual obligations, we can provide representation and advocacy.
  • Partnership dissolution. Business partners may choose to dissolve their relationship or their company for numerous reasons, many of which involve legal or contractual breaches. During a partnership dissolution, we will protect your best interests and minimize repercussions.
  • Corporate dissolution. Like partnerships, corporations may need to be dissolved because of a legal error, amongst other reasons. When a corporate requires dissolution, there are many factors that need to be addressed, and the process can be tedious and complex.
  • Trade Secret Litigation. As highly protected assets, trade secrets can involve extensive and complex litigation. We can offer the expertise that you need to further your interests when dealing with trade secret litigation.

Why Choose The Brigham Law Office

The Brigham Law Office has been serving the Ukiah community for over 40 years. We work with companies to explore all methods of dispute resolution, including mediation and out-of-court settlements. When necessary, we are prepared to litigate for you in court. To set up a consultation please contact our office at (707) 462-9292.